Website designing is slowly becoming the fastest growing trend in order to get your business online and is also attracting a large number of population worldwide. Today, the internet has become the most efficient platform for advertising various products and services. This has resulted in the creation of many websites for business purposes. Among the various companies of Website Designing all around the world, Sahil Techvision is a professional website designing company as well as the most affordable option that is not only providing you with best web designing & development solutions, but we also offer you the various techniques by which you can make your business website more progressive and yielding. We offering comprehensive web designing services to meet all your web designing needs. Domain booking to website hosting, HTML and flash sites, and complete maintenance, payment gateway integration. Our comprehensive website designing services includes Personal Websites, E-commerce websites, mobile and tab browser compatible websites, Institutional websites, News websites, Real estate websites, Blog creation and .NET creation, Renewal of websites done on time, Regular up dation of websites and client satisfaction is our first priority. When it comes to getting a website or software or cutting edge SEO services choose our company for the promotion of our clients, your company is in the most trusted and expert hands, which not only provides you with the best website designs, but also teaches you how to manage your website so that it can be ranked amongst the most attractive websites online.

Static Website

Static is meant by the one that is not changed. It is the website that is delivered to the user exactly the way in which it is stored. Static Website delivers information without any bells and whistles. They are easy to develop, economical to develop and cheap to host. They provide information in HTML language and information written in it cannot be changed except change can be advocated only after change in source page. A static website is the simplest way to show your product or business online- World Wide. It is the easiest type of website to set up, but making changes to static websites require web programming knowledge. Static website design is best suited for sites that will not require updates often. Static Website Design can be in the form of company’s information about the product or any information about any person. Because of economical rate, easy in development and it requires much of less script Static Web site are in great demand as they are used for communicating accurate information in a given time period.

Dynamic Website

Dynamic Web page is a web page that changes as per the requirements provided by the user or the computer program. It displays varied contents each time the page is viewed. The page may change with time or as per the user who uses the site. There are two types of dynamic web pages. Client side scripting , that generates client side content at the user end . Server side scripting are those web pages that vary when the web page is loaded or visited like that of shopping carts, submission forms etc. Dynamic web site enables to update the information frequently. Dynamic website designing requires through knowledge, creativity and our professionals are the master and mentor at their own website design and development field, who can design and develop dynamic website using different scripting language, preferably .net/Mssql , php/mysql and make your website good looking, traffic retaining, easy to navigate and flawless. We also ensure creativity in every design and development. We not only build a dynamic website for large corporate even we design Dynamic Website for a small scale business unit. sahil techvision’s web developers focuses on all the important and relevant features, like developing, design, selection of graphic, images, content and logo which would help you in achieving the online presence. This would further help in delivering exact requirement of dynamic web design solutions to your business needs. With cut throat completion it is desirable for large scale business organizations to go for Dynamic web site designing. Your web site is your mirror image of the enterprise .It in the nutshell explains the company’s goal and its very reason for its existence. A rightly designed web site not only acts as your ambassador in the web world but also provides you positive response to your business. Dynamic Website is the need of the hour and if your company has much information, events or press release that it wants to share in public then dynamic website is the best option.

Flash Website

Our team of flash developers have worked on an extensive number of interactive flash sites and applications. Our flash website design services include conceptualisation, graphics and development. We can help you create sites which showcase your products and engage your users with contests to increase visitor retention. Sahil Techvision builds prominent flash websites and applications that are interesting, interactive and effective for users. Our flash developers, skilled in ActionScript and Javascript Flash Language (JSFL), build impressive websites that make outstanding online identity. We provide user-friendly and Flash web design to create stunning animations, dynamic applications, and user-friendly interface. Cool graphics, attractive design and creative outlook is what required to attract and engage visitors. A website designed and developed in Flash can achieve your goal. Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add video, animation and interactivity to web pages. This “Rich Internet Applications” (RIAs) tool makes website looks unique, interesting, dynamic and graphically-rich.

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce enabled website provides the most cost-effective way of promoting your business online. By developing your own E Commerce enabled website; you can reach out to your prospective customers worldwide and offer them your products and services directly through Internet. By definition e-commerce refers to businesses and consumers buying and selling products online. The majority of e-commerce websites on the internet are retail stores selling products directly to the public. However there are also a proportion of online stores dedicated to business-to-business (B2B) sales or wholesale activity. E-commerce does not only refer to the selling of physical products, it can also refer to the selling of services where payments for the services are made online. As a general rule an e-commerce website is a website where a transfer of funds is completed electronically – hence e-commerce. With experience of serving multiple industry needs, Sahil Techvision offers you the expertise in the aspect of ecommerce website development. Whether you want to setup a shopping website for your customers or plan to introduce an online order processing system for your affiliates and partners, Intigate offers you a wide range of B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) E-Commerce solutions to choose from. To give you the best available in the technology area; Intigate invests heavily in gaining expertise in latest technical tools such as ASP, .NET, PHP and various open source tools, thus offering solutions that are compatible with your business needs and are following current market trends.

CMS Development

Content Management System is a computer system program that allows, editing, publishing and changing the content on the website development as well as enabling the maintenance of the solution from the central interface. CMS enables administrator to manage the content written on website without any actual technical training. This simple system enables a person to make changes in the web development like adding or deleting images, editing texts in a flash within seconds. At Sahil Techvision, a CMS Website Designing & Development Company, we have wide range of Content Management System development and customization services for high quality web sites. In our segment of CMS Development our professional go through all the stages in the life cycle of Software Development process right from designing the software to prototyping to development, implementation and maintenance. All this is done keeping in view the requirements of the client at the centre. In an increasingly information-driven economy, the success of your business often depends on how effectively you capture, deliver, create and manage information. The fact that you manage your website yourself could give you the competitive advantage you need to get ahead. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill to manage. Sahil Techvision provides you all the features of this system at affordable prices. We are leading company in India and are entertaining our foreign clients also. We provide customized CMS for small, medium and large all types of companies. We are famous for our quality products and delivery on time. We assure you that our developed website will make you more successful in competitive market.

Web Portal Development

Sahil Techvision, have been one of the optimum in the industry when it comes to portal development. With an excellent balance of experience and creativity, we venture to give out the best of services to our customers. With easy accessibility in the User Interface we offers its experience to build interactive, innovative & efficient portal solutions for their clients. Web Portals primarily focus on online community building and get users to register and use the services on regular basis. Theme based portals have become very successful as they create a niche and target specific users for that community. Portal development is one way to bring together the different web-based applications to support the delivery of information and services by a system that is convenient, effective, and incorporated. This system gives users easy access to the information needed. We have a dedicated team who see to it that the portals are to the best in line when it comes to the functionality and interface. We have proficient web portal development teams who are experts in use of different web application development platforms PHP, Silverlight, Adobe Flex, ASP.NET, etc. The highly competitive atmosphere on the net, changing demands and availability of latest web development technology drives our endowed developers to create resourceful web solutions for your business so it gets the necessary leverage over your rival businesses.

We have team of creative brains to deliver custom portal development with perfect blend of skill, expertise and excellence. Because of our highly expert professionals and efficient project development execution process makes us best portal development company in India.

Our Portal Development includes:

  • Job Portal
  • Travel Portal
  • Real Estate Portal
  • News Portal
  • Matrimonial Portal
  • Education Portal
  • and others.

Responsive Design

We always stand a step ahead of our client’s expectations. We have designed and developed many responsive/mobile webs and cloud applications for various organizations around the world. Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. A responsive design is a method that forces a website to respond according to the device on which it is being viewed and delivers the appropriate output for it. Instead of designing multiple websites for devices that are sized differently, use of this approach let’s the web designers design just one site but specifies within the code as to how it should appear on varied devices. As the user switches from laptop to iPad, the website should automatically adjust for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s preferences. This would eliminate the need for a different website for each device in the market. Our developed responsive designs are compatible across all major devices and mobile operating systems. Our expertise over user experience, navigation, accessibility, mobile marketing and technological expertise is incredibly high and unparalleled in this industry.

Website Redesigning

We provides excellent Website Redesigning Services. If your website lacks aesthetic appeal, we will spruce it up with judicious application of color, stylish, structured and consistent layout, use of stimulating imagery, flash objects, etc. If it is not visible on organic searches, we will optimize the design and structure for higher rankings so that you can attract traffic, generate lead and have higher conversion. The bottom line is-we will revamp your website to make it more user-friendly, more SEO friendly and more business friendly. A common approach is that only the websites built poorly need to be redesigned. In reality, the most well designed websites also need to avail website redesigning services. This frequent change is necessary to provide a better user experience, and to adjust your website with new market trends. This is the reason why many successful companies consult us for website redesign services to update their websites. Do you need a website redesign company that will help you boost your image, traffic, ranking, leads and sales? Whether you are looking to simply enhance your online image or boost your website traffic, leads and sales we can help. Our website redesign company will approach your project from a marketing perspective, taking into consideration all of your goals for your company.

Website Maintenance

We offer website maintenance services to various of our clients in and outside India. Website maintenance services provided by us includes keeping your website up to date with reference to various information changes in your company news, latest developments, investor relations or new project deals. Website maintenance is though quite vast and includes all aspects of website designing and website development, like cross browser compatibility which is one of the most important topic in this. Various elements that we take care in our website maintenance packages are :

  • Home page changes
  • Inner Pages Content changes
  • Adding or maintaining links
  • Company news updates
  • Adding new pages to the website
  • Adding new interactive components to the website
  • Modifying content and graphics
  • Product details changes for your shopping cart
  • New Product additions to your shopping cart
  • Pricing changes for your products
  • Maintaining your complete shopping cart
  • Updates to your calendar
  • Employee details changes
  • Sending your newsletter to your clients
  • Designing newsletter for your company
  • Registration updates with search engines

Our website maintenance services would keep your website current and effective, which is as important as developing it initially.